Rock House Web Show - "Behind The Strings"

Rock House launched a brand new web show called BEHIND THE STRINGS!

Each Webisode (our new reality type show) will be designed to give fans of Rock House an inside look at the personalities behind the company, what we do, and how we interact with each artist who comes to "The Rock House" to work on a program with us.

This first show is a 2-part series. Our goal will be to make it both informative and fun! Some of the things you can expect are that when an artist comes to work at the Rock House, the show will focus on taking people through their personal musical experience and journey, and how we translate that into teaching and producing a real quality learning tool. We are also going to try to include some of your questions to the artists and their responses!

So, grab a small bag of pop-corn and a cold drink and check out the first show now! Shows will run on You Tube, MySpace, Facebook and the Rock House blog.

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