Lick of the Week - Rob Balducci on Tube Screamers

Rock House Method artist/instructor Rob Balducci is one of the biggest overdrive and tone nuts you'll ever run into.

In his lick of the week Rob talks about tube screamers. In particular the Ibanez TS-808.

Rob stated on his You Tube site, "This has all the greatness of the original pedal but this has the added warmth that the original was missing. Each one of the new TS 808 HW is hand wired and they take their time in making sure everything is perfect.

"The sound is so smooth and does not take away anything from your tone, it just adds to it. I can only describe it as butter lol.. smooth as butter and when used on a clean sound it adds just the right amount of drive to get that great bluesy tone you have been craving. On an already overdriven amp the TS 808 HW adds singing sustain that goes on forever and brings out those harmonics that you want to hear".

"The pedal is built like a tank and the footswitch that you use to turn pedal on and off is so quiet when you switch it on and off and is also very smooth".

Rob Balducci's You Tube http://www.youtube.com/RobBalducci
Rob Balducci's My Space http://www.myspace.com/robbalducci

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