EMG Releases Gold and Chrome Cover Caps

EMG has released some of their most famous models with a new option; chrome or gold cover caps. Addressing durability issues of chrome plating over brass, the EMG solution for the chrome look is a one piece, high quality, mirror polished, stainless steel cover cap that is designed and produced in the USA.

Andy Gravelle, EMG COO explained, “Chrome plating was invented to simulate polished stainless steel at a lower cost, but there are some drawbacks. EMG’s founder and chief engineer, Rob Turner, and our engineering team figured out a way to produce the real deal, while maintaining comparable pricing to plated versions on the market.”

The gold version is the same polished stainless steel cap, with the addition of a gold colored finish that is commonly used to harden machine tools. The finish hardens the cover cap surface and penetrates the stainless steel substrate, rather than surface coating it as a plating would, allowing for a more durable, longer lasting finish.

Click here to check out more about the available models.

The EMG Chrome and Gold series is only available at authorized EMG dealers.

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