Chimaira Launches Phase 2 of Spread-The-Infection.com

CHIMAIRA has set in motion the next stage of their Spread-The-Infection.com website. So far, fan response has been huge, and The Infection has been getting more underground exposure than the band could have ever hoped for. By visiting www.spread-the-infection.com today, CHIMAIRA fans will now have access to exclusive new content and will be able to continue to spread The Infection!

With the launch of Phase 2, CHIMAIRA will be posting radio contacts for fans to call and request the band, not only in the US but worldwide! Additionally, the band will be offering tickets to the upcoming Music As A Weapon tour and upcoming European performances.
There will be opportunities to obtain backstage passes and get some face time with the band at Meet-and-Greets!

“With the website, we really wanted to give the power to the fans,” singer Mark Hunter commented. “The response to Spread-the-Infection.com has been incredible worldwide. We’re relying on our fans to make The Infection a huge release, and so far, we haven’t been disappointed.

Spread-The-Infection.com is the base for CHIMAIRA’s global street team. There, fans can download stencils, flyers, and graphics which they can use any way they want to help promote the band’s upcoming album, The Infection. Fans are encouraged to photograph their creations and upload them to the Spread-The-Infection.com website. The site has also provided clips and video of the band’s upcoming album, all of which will now be archived on the site for the public.
“People have done everything from making computer wallpapers to spray-painting stop signs and walls (not that we condone that sort of thing),” said Hunter. “Everyone who visits the site can see the photos on the world map. We’ve been really overwhelmed by the thousands of submissions we’ve received so far. It’s really amazing that fans can go on the website and see what the other fans around the globe have been doing.

Visit www.spread-the-infection.com now and be a part of CHIMAIRA’s global street team.

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