The Weekend Read for Feb. 1st through Feb. 13th

Here is The Rock House Blogs list of other cool sites that have some articles that I think you guys would like. So in no particular order here are a few reads I found that may be of interest from the Almighty Rock House Blog roll.

                                     How to Improvise on Guitar - Part 2 of 6 
Not Playing Guitar - Beginner Guitar Practice Plan 
                              John Lee Hooker Blues Guitar Lesson 
Street Musician - Vocal Warm Up Techniques 
Freekbass Blog - Freekbass on iLike 
Welcome to the new kid on our block Guitar Answers, give him a check this weekend.

There's good, maybe even great articles and videos from all our blogging buddies so take a little time and read some cool stuff this weekend.

Have a rockin' weekend,


Rose Garden Music said...

I will be sure to read them as usual...

Also, my website moved, you might want to update the link on the sidebar! :-)

Thanx for the links Sarge!

sarge1875 said...

Thanks Old Man! I'll get ya updated. I'm interested to see the finished product of the site.