Very Limited Edition Paul Gilbert Signature Debuts at NAMM


Possibly the most famous collector of classic Ibanez guitars has added one more to the lot, this time with another of his own designs. The PGMFRM1 Paul Gilbert “Fireman” is the doppelganger answer to the famous Ibanez Iceman. The Fireman has the signature Iceman horn on the top instead of the bottom, korina instead of mahogany body wood, and single coils instead of humbuckers.

“The Ibanez Fireman has been my vehicle for single coil pickup experiments,” commented the virtuoso guitarist. “Ibanez did a beautiful job of building this guitar, and I have really fallen in love with the look, sound, and feel of it. At first, I called it the “Reverse Iceman, but a fan wrote to me and suggested the “Ibanez Fireman,” and since fire is the opposite of ice, that’s what we ended up calling it.”

Included with each Fireman limited edition guitar is a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Paul and a package of prestige gear also used and endorsed by Paul Gilbert: a Fireman Special strap by Hippie Strap, a BC 30’ Coil Cable by Core One Creative, Inc., EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones by Direct Sound Headphones, LLC, and more. As with all Ibanez Japanese-made artist signature, prestige and handcrafted reissues, the Fireman includes a special hardshell case.

The Fireman, which features extensive hand work, is made by the most experienced builders of Ibanez, the same who crafted the limited edition Bob Weir, Artist AR5000RE, and Artwood Double Neck handcrafted reissues by Ibanez, as well as the 30th Anniversary Musician Commemorative Bass, which will debut along with the Fireman at the 2009 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim. Only 45 of the Paul Gilbert Fireman guitars will be available worldwide, with the amount slated for the United States not available at press time.


List $9333.32.
Body Material Korina
Neck Material 3pc Korina/Bubinga
Neck Type Fireman
No. Frets/Type 22/Medium
Fingerboard Rosewood
Bridge Gibraltar
Neck Pickup DiMarzio® Area '67™
Middle Pickup DiMarzio® Area '67™
Bridge Pickup DiMarzio® Area '67™
Case Special Hardshell
Case List Included


One of the most gifted artists in the art of instrumental rock guitar, Paul Gilbert is not only one of the very fastest on the fretboard, he is also one of the most musical in the genre with ideas and themes that are never eclipsed by his unearthly speed. Paul’s impressive career includes Racer X, Mr. Big, his own solo works as well as teaching in both the United States and Japan (where Paul enjoys considerable acclaim and popularity). While his 2009 PGM20TH Twentieth Anniversary, Fireman, and PGM401 signature models all celebrate the 20 years since the debut of his signature PGM model, his relationship with Ibanez is actually several years longer, which includes his stellar performance at the Ibanez GuitarMania concert at the 1987 Summer NAMM Show, considered to be the “rebirth” of Ibanez with its new roster of virtuoso players. In addition Paul Gilbert is both an in-demand clinician for Ibanez and arguably the most famous collector of vintage Ibanez guitars in the world.

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Guitar Hunter said...

That looks a lot like the new Adrian Belew Parker model. Check it out here - http://elephant-blog.blogspot.com/2009/02/its-here.html

sarge1875 said...

Yeah it kind of does