Rusty Cooley News For February 2009

Rusty Cooley definitely likes to keep his fans up to date on what he has been up to. From his web site (www.rustycooley.com) here are his updates for February 2009.

2009 NAMM was great! Here are some links to some of of the video's from the Rcok House Wimbash. video 1 and video 2

Here is a link to an interview Rusty did with Metal Rules. There is also a video from NAMM that is part of this interview. www.metal-rules.com

Check out Rock House's blog for another NAMM video Rusty Cooley Performing at Rock House's Wimbash - NAMM 2009 or go directly to you tube

Dean guitars introduced the RC7X the import version of the RC7 at NAMM www.deanguitars.com/rusty_cooley.phpdeanguitars.com/dean_winter_09/Rusty_Cooley_RC7X.htm and the DC6 a six string version based off of the RC7 however this is not a signature model deanguitars.com/dean_winter_09/DC6F.htm

Rusty and Mark Tremonti are interviewed in the March 2009 issue of Guitar Player magazine in regards to Mark's instructional dvd The Sound and the Story. Here's a link to some photo's by Wayne Dennon of Rusty at the Wimbash. www.waynedennon.com

You can also check Rusty at his MySpace site - http://www.myspace.com/rustycooley

For all you shreders that want to learn the secrets of Rustys playing style you can check out his instructional DVD's at www.rockhousemethod.com
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The Old Man said...

First off...

That new header rocks, it goes perfect with the mother site.

Secondly, I was at last.fm (I am a member) and saw that John's artist page was dead empty, so I updated it with his bio off of the RHM site, as well as a cool pic from his myspace, you can look here:


You might want to mention to him that he might want to double check to see if that is what he wants. If not, he can become a member, and edit it himself. I also started his wiki page over there with his bio. I will work on it here and there and get it full of links, unless he has specific links, or you, or whoever, but at least I got it up and running... :-)

It is a good venue for advertising, so I just took it upon myself to rock it for him. In the future, I can hit other spots on the net if y'all have no time or ambition for it. If not, just let me know, and I will keep my wannabe street team issues to myself. LOL

sarge1875 said...

Thanks for the heads up Old Man. I was looking for something different for the header....lol...its been right in front of me forever.

sarge1875 said...

Nice job with Last FM Old Man, Thanks!