Live Free Music from The Limit on Their Pod Cast Page

Rock House artist/instructor Mark Daniel and The Limit have taken their business to the next level.

Announcing on their web site (www.thelimitmusic.com) that they launched NEW LIVE FREE MUSIC on their Podcast page.

You can download for FREE:

#1 Brand New Bootleg Live album featuring Bob Chmiel’s Drum solo, THE LIMIT reviewing Stone Temple Pilots’ “Unglued,” Cream’s classic “Sunshine of Your Love,” and more….

#2 Assorted studio tracks

#3 All the Lyrics to “REINVENTING THE SUN.”

YES, FREE…be sure you log into: www.thelimitmusic.com
Why?... Because they believe their fans are awesome and they love ya.


Dy-sphoric said...

Great Music...simply great.

sarge1875 said...

I really like that Mark and the gang always put it out there and give their fans what they like.