Changing The Feel of a Song - Guitar Lesson with Backing Tracks

By altering the strumming or picking pattern of a chord progression, you can dramatically change the style. I want to show you how to take a simple chord change and use it to play many different genres of music, all against the same bass and drum backing track. This demonstrates the power of the guitar and it's ability to dictate the feel of a song.

For each style, we'll use the same four barre chords. The progression is in the key of Am. Since all of the chords are movable chords, you can transpose this entire progression to any other key.


This is a standard rock rhythm using the notes above. Play eight notes using all down strokes.

Rock Feel - John McCarthy 


Now play the same progression in sixteenth notes using alternate strumming to get that fast. heavy metal feel.

Metal Feel -  


Reggae uses all upstrokes. Following each upstrum of the pick, mute the strings with with your picking hand in time and on the downbeat to give it that reggae feel.

Raggae Feel -  


This is a rock ballad picking pattern. Fret and hold each barre chord, and downpick the notes individually. Let the note ring out together for the duration of each measure.

Ballad Feel -

Backing Tracks

This backing track is so you can hear how each style sounds against a bass and drum backing track.

All 4 styles with backing track - Unknown Artist
This backing track is for you to practice over with each style.

backing track only -

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