Review of Metal Guitar - Song Writing, Riffing and Soloing with Rob Arnold of Chimaira

It's another excellent honest review of Rock House products.

Excerpts and high lights from the article include:

"Rob has a very fun and relaxed style kind of like how Paul Gilbert presents, he not only explains every riff and technique in precise detail but he also shares stories of how he developed his playing style."

" Rob covers some of his favorite riffs all of which have been chosen to show different techniques like pull-offs, tremolo picking, artificial harmonics etc."

"The DVD closes with some of Rob’s practice routines to build speed and dexterity which will help play his riffs with the kind of precision that he does. They are all based around alternate picking and are a good foundation for any guitarist no matter what style."

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The Old Man said...

It was a very good review indeed. I left a comment over there on his coverage of the material. RHM does get a lot of good reviews. To this day, I have yet to find anything negative...