Ibanez AP7 Tone-Lok Analog Phaser at NAMM 2009


The Ibanez AP7 Analog Phaser will join the Ibanez Tone Lok Series of affordable compact effects at the 2009 NAMM musical instrument convention in Anaheim, CA. While there is no lack of phasers for musicians to choose from in the effects market, Ibanez says there are differences that set the AP7 Analog Phaser from the rest of the crowd. “The AP7 is analog so the tone is very warm as you would expect,” explains Frank Facciolo of Ibanez Electronics, “But, what you might not expect, and what sets it apart from the best known phasers is the fact the AP7 doesn’t suck tone, that is, while it adds phasing, it doesn’t subtract any of the natural tone from the equation. It lays over the intact original tone really nicely.”

The AP7 features 4, 6, and 8 stage phasing for a wide range of phasing sound. “It has broad dynamic range. The 4th stage is vintage,” says Facciolo, “a very lush sound. The 6 and 8 allow a deeper phase, often included on the very old analog phasers. With all the different controls you can a lot more sound, including almost a touch-wah.”

The AP7 lists for $99.98

The AP7 is part of the Ibanez Tone-Lok series of very affordable compact effects, so named because of their control knobs which can be pushed down into the unit after the right tones are achieved, not only locking in the desired tones, but also protecting the knobs from stray feet. The Tone-Lok group features 15 different effects including the TS7 Tubescreamer (less expensive than its famous TS9 and TS808 brethren), the best selling DE7 Delay/Echo, and the Weeping Demon Wah, as well as the new AP7 Analog Phaser.

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