Research Links Music to Increased Brain Power

By Lois Thome, WINK News

Harvard researchers followed 41 kids who practiced either the piano or a stringed instrument for at least three years and compared them to 18 kids who only took a general music class in school.

They found that those kids who practiced an instrument scored better on certain tests that measured visual and verbal ability.

What's more, the study found, the longer and more intensely that children trained with their musical instrument, the better they did on the tests.

Experts say memorizing is a skill, which along with most things, improves with practice. And music maybe one way of getting that practice.
Still, further study is necessary in order to prove conclusively a connection between music and memory.
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Dy-sphoric said...

MUSIC = Stress reducer, more brain power and what else?

I think the first two are good enough.

Anonymous said...

Music = more brain power = increases memory.

Music = more brain cell killing consumption = decreased memory.

Music = the great equalizer :)

Ovidiu - GuitarFlame.com said...

It is perfectly believable, because music means creativity, going beyond regular limits of "normal" behavior, it is "something more". Interesting post, however!

sarge1875 said...

I personally believe that it would only help students learn to remember things with their book studies. Wish all kids would be required to take some sort of music in school.

Thanks for the comments.

Rizz said...

Why do people think music makes you smarter? Don't we need to consider that smart people are drawn to music? or that the way music is taught, you have to be smarter in other subjects?

Why does everybody try to justify music education on the achievement of children in other subjects???

What about children whose natural talent is IN music and yet their other propensities are relatively lacking? Don't they deserve to learn music despite their other delays?


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