Jackson Guitars Unveils The SLS3

Jackson is supremely stoked to unveil the newest member of the Soloist™ family, the SLS3.

Released in fall 2008, the SLS3 also marks the appearance of a brand-new Jackson finish, Swirl Green. Further, the SLS3 complements its predecessor, the SLSMG, by offering dual Seymour Duncan® Zebra ’59 passive pickups and shark-eye fingerboard inlays.

The SLS3 is also available in three other classic Jackson finishes—Black, Satin Black and Snow White. In addition to the new Swirl Green finish available for this guitar, Jackson fans can look for new colors on all import model guitars in late 2008.


The Old Man said...

I am a huge Charvel/Jackson fan from the 80's. LOL And I must say, that guitar really looks sweet.

When the day comes next year that I purchase my first electric, those two makers on the top of my list. Well, not two I suppose when its all kinda Fender in the end huh?

sarge1875 said...

She's a beauty