Man the Rock House Artist and Instructors are busy guys. Chris McCarvill is one of the busiest. Chris has launched yet another kick butt band and they are calling themselves THE SAMURAI CAB COMPANY.

Chris, a highly accomplished bassist and rocker, told me that SCC is a dance party rock band. "We do a bunch of covers, everything from the 50's till now. Maybe some even older stuff. Of course we, like everybody, are the best band in the entire universe".

McCarvill will be singing lead, playing bass, and says he will probably be playing some keys too. Other members of the band include Rosario Bellino, who mans the guitar and is a self proclaimed "sound guitarist" more than "note guitarist". Chris adds that "Ross has the coolest 73 Trans AM in the band. He sings backups too". Laying down the beat for the band is BJ Zampa. BJ and Chris have been all over the world together touring with House of Lords and Dokken. McCarvill commented that BJ is "better than any drummer in the universe. Plus he can sing too".

As far as Chris's other band XFACTORX goes, it's still around. I think it will always be around.

You can check out THE SAMURAI CAB COMPANY on their new myspace site http://www.myspace.com/samuraicabco they have a few of their covers posted already and they are fun to listen to.

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