The Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival

I'm a sucker when it come to music festivals. Because 1) their cheap, meaning usually the cost to get into one is next to nothing for the amout of talent you get to see, 2) you get to see bands and artist perform you know nothing about and C) your almost always get surprised by the tallent or a band your not familiar with.

If you live in the Chicago area or are going to be near on November 22nd then your going to have an opportunity to experiance all of this at the inaugural Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival. In an email I received here's in a nut shell what it'a all about and what's going on. I just wish I was closer than 8 hours from Chicago.

While rooted in the foot-stomping influences of bluegrass and blues, the Festival will transport the concert-goer through the genre-defying evolution of music today. The one-day event, held on Saturday, November 22nd from noon to midnight, will serve as a tribute to two schools of music that continue to shape and inspire contemporary rock, jamband, funk, folk, roots, Americana, and indie cultures.

Against the backdrop of an official Chicago landmark and one of the last of the classic “movie palaces,” fans will be treated to a party with a purpose, featuring 2 stages and 18 bands for less than the typical price of the headliners alone.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW at cbgbfestival.com, ticketmaster.com , and frontgatetickets.com.
The Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Fest will offer a musical reprieve from the merciless Chicago Winter by adapting elements of a summer music festival to the historic and intimate indoor setting. The Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Fest stands alone as the only music festival experience offered during the otherwise depressing Chicago winter. In addition to 12 hours of 2 stages worth of nonstop music, the day’s activities will also include a pickin’ circle, Chicago’s largest live-art exhibition and indoor gallery, charitable raffles, an improv comedy showcase, and one of the Midwest’s leading alternative DJs.

To those that make it to the festival have a great time.

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