The Weekend Read - My Picks From Web Blogs For The Week

I've always been told that part a big part of learning how to play music is to read everything you can get your hands on about it. Here's a list of my picks to read from our blog roll. Some are about music, some are about instruments. The list (in no particular order) will give you plenty of reading over the weekend.

actoguitar blog - A good list of guitar instruction and articles collected from the web.

FREEKBASS Blog - Freekbass CD Release party shows start NOW !

The Gear Pipe - Reverend Electric Guitar Giveaway! Win a Reverend Flatroc Electric Guitar

Guitar Flame - To Travel Guitar Or Not To Travel Guitar, This Is My Question

Guitar Player Zen - Hear Beyond Your Instrument

Guitar MX - Video Guitar Lesson: Surf Guitar Picking

Little Rock Jams - Video Lesson - Walking a bassline

Madstratter - Maintenance 101: Restringing Your Stratocaster

Not Playing Guitar - How a Guitar Journal Helps You Learn Guitar

 Strato-blogster - Oldest Known Film Footage of Hendrix? 1965?

Soul of Rock n Roll - Guitarist Series: Being Inspired to Practice

Thumbrella - Nice Christmas Present for Led Zep fans!

Have a great weekend everybody!



The Old Man said...

Thanx for the links! I will be looking them all over this weekend. Hopefully they will give me anything I can get my hands on...

sarge1875 said...

Thanks Old Man, just take it all in for now. I don't want you going into overload!