Rusty Cooley - Fretboard Autopsy to be Released Mid-October

Another long anticipated release from Rock House and one of the most talked about in the Rock House Forum. Fretboard Autopsy features Rusty Cooley. Rusty has been named one of the top 20 shredders of all time.

In this program Rusty teaches you his unique fretboard visualization techniques through shapes, patterns and years of modal knowledge. Learn how modes are covered across the neck, 5 and 6 string root modal patterns, extended and split patterns, along with single and double string techniques.

Rusty will show you the modal sequences he uses and then will challenge you to play the scales and modes over the backing tracks provided in the DVD.

After you get the first level accomplished you can get even more advanced techniques from Rusty in Fretboard Autopsy Level 2.

Rusty unlocks the road map that will give you the freedom to improvise over the entire fretboard without being locked into positions. Learn 4,5 and 6 string root modes, extended patterns spanning the neck, 3 octave modes, reverse linear patterns and modal sequences.

Rusty will also show you modal chord progressions for each of the seven modes that you can shred your own leads over. Full backing tracks are included with the DVD.


Stormy Maverick said...

Rock House has to be on the cutting edge of music instruction with stuff like this!

sarge1875 said...

You ain't seen nothing yet Stormy. There is so much in the works right now, but mums the word for another month or so.