Professor Jim’s BASS FINGER Exercise

In this exercise we will be working on getting our fingers to move around the bass in a classically flavored example. You should practice this in strict rhythm with a metronome.

Have fun!!!

Professor Jim

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

The Downloadable Audio Track Listing

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1.Bass Finger Exercises: Tuning Notes
2.Bass Finger Exercises 1
3.Bass Finger Exercises 2
4.Bass Finger Exercises 3
5.Bass Finger Exercises 4

Click here for a complete listing of all the Bass Lesson Audio Downloads


howtoplaybass said...

Hey, nice lesson you have there, keep up the good work with the bass exercises.

Bassist said...

Great idea with the tabs. I will be using the site and spreading the word. Thank you, fellow bassist.

David O Russell said...

Thanks for showing the wonderful finger exercise.Its just incredible.

David O Russell said...

Glad to find your blog.Thanks for sharing this one, great job, keep up the good work.