The ONLY Chord Book You Will Ever Need

I don’t know who would ever need to know 500 chords, but if you want to know them Rock House has the product you’re looking for.

The Only Chord Book You Will Ever Need” from The Rock House Method is not your typical chord book. No sir not at all. Aside from the typical chord style boxes they have also put player prospective pictures of an actual hand and fingers making the chord plus put the sound that the chords make on 2 CDs.

How many of you have bought a book like this or downloaded one. Then, looked at it and said “wow, that’s cool look at all these chords I can play.” Then after you play a few chords you put it away to really only reference it on occasion.

Here’s the secret to this chord book. Having thought out how one would or should really use a book like this Rock House added at the back of the book 17 of the most used chord progressions of all time for you to play. You can download the backing tracks to these progressions free at the Rock House web site and burn them to a CD for use with the complete chord progressions in the book.

I tried a couple progressions out last night and personally I really like this feature. If you’re into rhythm guitar this is definitely a must buy and use book.

500 Chords
2 CDs
17 of the most use chord progressions
Priceless - But only 20 bucks at most retailers.


The Old Man said...

You just reminded me, I was supposed to order this from Musicians friend today. LOL.

sarge1875 said...

Glad I could help...lol

The Chord Progressions are key to the book though.