The Definative Instructional Product for Learning to Play DEATH METAL

Rock House the leader in Music Instruction announced today a SPECIAL PRE-SALE on the new METAL GUITAR DVDs featuring Ravi Bhadriraju and Bobby Thomspon the dynamic duo of the wildly popular Death Metal band Job for a Cowboy. The DVDs titled METAL GUITAR, Dark Metal, Triads & Chugging reveal their stunning musicianship and cutting edge song writing skill which have helped them create the absolute embodiment of extreme music

Members can save save as much as $14.00 when buying the Level 1, 2 Combo Pack and receive free ground shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. The sale is only for products purchased on www.rockhousemethod.com and includes select titles listed below.

In Level 1: Learn how they use natural minor scales and lead techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs, tremolo picking; and how they shred riffs with alternate picking. They reveal the secrets to their dark sound with diminished triads, heavy riffs, and brutal breakdowns. See how two guitars create intense sequences and diminished harmonies. You will play the examples along with actual JFAC studio recordings. By the end of this program you will posses an arsenal on how to play jaw-dropping metal guitar.

In Level 2 This program builds on the techniques learned in Level One. Ravi and Bobby reveal how to play the darkest heavy metal. Together they teach complex syncopated diminished triads, the reverse gallop, heavy chugging and octave shapes. You will be challenged by the technique-building hand-stretching exercises, hammer pull-offs and advanced shred riffs. Learn Ravi’s secret weapons like harmonic minor scales, syncopated riffs, whammy tricks and pivoting rhythms. You will rock complete leads with backing tracks right from JFAC studio recordings that pull you into the band!
More info and how to order here http://rockhousemethod.com/News/NewsItem.aspx?i=744

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