More on the Upcoming Rock House Releases

Well after spending some time on the phone with Rock House HQ, I got to the bottom of a few things. So here's the scoop on the DVDs that are being released in mid-October.

The long awaited DVD featuring Ravi Bhadriraju & Stephen Thompson of Job for a Cowboy will give all you Dark Metal players a thrill.

The first level DVD will feature lessons on Diminished Triads, Heavy Chugging & Dark Harmonies. From what I hear you will learn how they use natural minor scales and lead techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs, tremolo picking; and how they shred riffs with alternate picking. They reveal the secrets to their dark sound with diminished triads, heavy riffs, and brutal breakdowns. As well as show you how two guitars create intense sequences and diminished harmonies. By the time you get dome with this program you will be able to play some pretty jaw-droping Heavy Metal.

In level 2 You will be challenged by the technique-building, hand-stretching exercises, hammer pull-offs and advanced shred riffs. Ravi is going to show You some of his secret weapons like harmonic minor scales, syncopated riffs, whammy tricks and pivoting rhythms. You will rock complete leads with backing tracks right from JFAC studio recordings that pull you into the band!

I origionally reported 6 new releases coming out but there are 7. I'll post more about those later today. I gotta get some sleep.

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