Children of Bodom enjoying US tour.

The Children of Bodom are having a ball on their US tour according to their myspace site www.myspace.com/childrenofbodom

Henkka writes "The first headlining tour in the States since 2006. We are excited!!! Our first time in Baltimore was really cool. Of course we didn't expect anything but there were people and the crowd was great!! Thanks for that. McNulty didnt show up tho...

And the show in Masquerade Atlanta was one of the hottest we have experienced ever. Really. It was difficult for us, but I bet it was difficult for the crowd too. But we pulled it off somehow and it was sweaty and intense. Just the way I like it!

Now we are heading to Texas, hope there are no hurricanes coming our way. Looking forward to play the new venue in Dallas, and also to hang out more with the Black Dahlia and Between guys later on, not enough parties yet, but I m sure we ll fix that!'

Be sure and check The COB out if they come close to you. You will not be disappointed.

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