AxeKit™ Introduces Upgrade Kits

Wow here's a nice way to upgrade without investing too much time into your project or money either. I've got an old off brand tele that I really like but was thinking aboout dumping on ebay and getting something different. I think I'm going to upgrade it with an AxeKit™ upgrade kit and see if I like it before I sell it.

I'm thinking, if I already have a nice base to work with why sell this baby and get a couple hundred bucks for it if I can upgrade the pick ups and shield it it for less than 200 bucks.

According to their web site, "The AxeGuardz™ AxeKit™ is the easiest upgrade solution for getting the best tone and maximum shielding you demand from your guitar. Tailored to specific tone styles, the easy-to-install performance-matched AxeKit™ redefines your axe".

• Up to 40% Less RFI & EMI "Noise"
• Available for Strat® and Tele®
• FREE Cavity Guard™ Shielding
• O.E.M. Seymour Duncan® Pickups
• Easy Installation in just 30 minutes

You can check out their site @ http://www.axeguardz.com/

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