Gibson Guitar has announced the launch of a new line of gear and apparel which will debut at this year's MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas August 25-28. The long awaited line of extraordinary shirts, hats, watches, jewelry, belt buckles, pens, luggage and more are only the beginning of what Gibson plans on offerings its customers over a series of announcements throughout the year.

The launch marks the first time that Gibson Guitar has offered an extensive clothing and fashion accessories as part of its product line. Custom apparel for men includes button-down shirts, t-shirts, jackets and hooded sweatshirts with bold designs featuring Gibson guitars and the Gibson logo. Ladies apparel will include t-shirts, tank tops and hooded sweatshirts. The line will also feature multiple designs of both standard and custom hats.

Gibson Guitar will also roll out gear and accessories including watches, jewelry, belt buckles, pens, and luggage. Watches for men and women are planned in both traditional and modern styles, including camo, bracelet and flip watches. A series of belt buckles will include the standout Les Paul guitar design influence. Jewel pens, with thirteen distinct designs featuring Gibson logos and guitar models, will be sold both individually and in collections. Luggage will also be included in the gear collection, featuring retro designs, like vintage guitar and attaché cases, alongside messenger bags and backpacks.

More info will coming soon to Gibson's website at www.gibson.com

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