Insider Information - Funk Drums - Jerome Brailey

Once in a while I hear some really good stuff that's going on at Rock House HQ. I mean stuff I feel is worth the risk of leaking out to you guys.

Rock House Method is going to officially be in the drum market, and in a very serious way. Last month I reported to you that Mark Manczuk is working on a beginner level Rock House DVD for drums.

This month I heard that Jerome "Big Foot" Brailey is doing a DVD series for Rock House. The DVD will show his style of Funk and Hip Hop drumming and how to play grooves like Blues Funk with a legato feel, Hip-Hop using the side stick technique, New Orleans style bop Funk and more. I also heard that Jerome will be reveling some drum secrets on his playing style that have not ever been reveled before.

For those not familiar with Jerome Brailey, he was inducted into Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 for his work with Parliament Funkedelic. Brailey is currently working with the popular
club/show band Shifty Eyed Dog. The band currently plays at Universal Citywalk’s Red Coconut Club.

Jerome has been in the studio with Grammy award winning engineer/producer Bruce Hensal (Eagles, Stevie Wonder, Boston). Working on MC/rapper Mello Bondz fifth release, “The Lovinator Experiment."
Watch for more info at www.rockhousemethod.com

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