10 Guitar Accessories You Should Have For Under 10 Bucks

Here’s a list of 10 accessories that everyone should have or should accumulate. The best thing is you don’t have to go broke to get these things. I’m sure all these items can be picked up at your local music store. If not they’re real easy to find online.

Picks – They’re dirt cheep. You should have an assortment of various gauges in your gig bag at all times.

Capo – Starting 2 bucks. OK the one I have is about 15 bucks but it does come in handy.

Strap – Starting at about $5.00. I have a good leather one that I use but keep a cheapie in my bag for a backup.

Slide – You can have some fun with these things, $3 investment.

Strings – Always have an extra set on hand. Most brands are under $6 a set.

String Winder – $7

Polish Cloth – Got to wipe that guitar down when you’re done. $2

Polish – A clean guitar is a happy guitar. Starting at $3

Small Guitar stand – About $10. I have an “a frame” style I take to the jams with me. Nothing worse than leaning your guitar against something and having it smack the floor, or table or small child.

Small tool kit - $6 to whatever you want to spend if you’re into tools.


Stormy Maverick said...

Good one! Especially for those starting out and on a budget.

sarge1875 said...

I figures it up Stormy. You can get all this basic stuff for about 50 bucks and they are all accessories that are handy to have on hand at all times.