Shawn Mayer – Nashville Star

It’s not often you know someone who is on the verge of breaking into the music business. It’s probably once in a life time that someone you know is on national TV, competing in something that will be a life changing event. Shawn Mayer is one of those people.

I met Shawn Mayer when she pulled into town about a year ago. She was looking for directions to the radio station here in town. She was doing a radio show that evening and then heading down to The Gathering Place to jam with all us “good old boys and gals.”

I’m no expert by any means but watching her perform and jamming with her I can easily say this gal has country music running through her veins. Fun to watch and listen to perform, I can’t help but think she has the ability to make to the big stage.

Her web site http://www.shawnmayer.com/ has so much traffic right now that it’s in the process of moving to a new site. She does have a MySpace site though that you can check out http://www.myspace.com/shawnmayersings to find out more about her.

Shawn is from May City, Iowa, which is a hop skip and a jump from Cherokee. The population is 45. Yep you read it right 45. She’s always been a Tom Girl. She works at a hog farm, is on the Volunteer Fire Department and enjoys riding her Harley. But, she enjoys one thing more than any, playing guitar and singing country music.

I just wanted to say good luck to the little firecracker, country singing gal from Northwest Iowa. We’re all rootin’ for you back home.

Tune into Nashville Star and vote for Shawn Mayer!

Author: sarge1875


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a personal glimpse of a future star, Sarge. I think it's awesome when someone can relate personally to something going on nationally, and your story was a great choice for the blog!

sandy said...

Sarge, I spoke with you at the Gathering Place last Thursday night. We spoke about what is going on with Shawn. A little known fact about our girl. She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.. She is not a quitter or a cry baby..I have seen her perform both in music and at many TKD competitions and tournaments and she has always shown the utmost honor, perserverance and humbleness. I know this because I was one of her instructors for awhile. I know many are calling her a quitter because of her firing of John Rich. I also know she holds the upmost respect for him as an artist, producer, and writer. Maybe in the future, under other circumstances, they will be able to work together. She is no quitter, but we think of her as a survivor. thanks again for the opportunity to place this comment on your space. See ya soon in Cherokee at the Gathering Place again at one of the Jam Sessions.