The Scoop - More New Products In The Works At Rock House

Anthony Lawrence, The Rhona Barrett of Rock House has the latest scoop on what's in the works at Rock House Method.

Anthony leaked today on the Rock House Message Boards that Tim "The Ripper" Owens who is the ex-singer of Judas Priest has agreed to do a vocal DVD with Rock House, he is currently recording with Yngwie Malmsteen and is busy with his latest project. Look for The Rippers product to become a cornerstone of the Rock House vocal catalog. He has a lot of knowledge that can help anyone that wants to learn that rock/metal style of singing he is most famous for.

Rock House is in talks with some drummers to improve upon their instructional drum DVD series. Anthony was told that Rock House is currently talking to a few really nasty drummers.They have been in the talks with Johnathan Moover the owner of Drumhead Magazine as well as Matt Scurfield the drummer from The Gary Hoey Band and Wil Calhoun of Living Colour!!!!

Anthony also heard from John McCarthy that there will be a hip hop drum program coming out in 45 days with Jerome Braily of Pfunk and Parliament. It should be an awesome program and will really help give you a grasp for how to create a groove.

Source: The Rock House Forum
Post: Curt Moye

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