Free - The Ear Trainer Has Arrived At Rock House!!!

Joe Palombo, co-owner and co-creator of The Rock House Method announced today after much anticipation we have finally launched part one of the ROCK HOUSE EAR TRAINER. Right now just the beginner is up but the intermediate, advanced and chord finder will be close behind. The ROCK HOUSE EAR TRAINER is found right on the main home page and is for musicians playing any instrument at all skill levels.

More information from the Rock House Method website goes onto say "Developing as a Musician is not just about technique. Training your ear to hear intervals and chords distinctly will make you a better player and help you progress more rapidly. The Rock House Ear Trainer isolates intervals and chords so that you can train yourself to hear them clearly."

This tool is for Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocalist and Drummers at all skill levels.

You do Not have to own a Rock House product to use the Ear Trainer. However you do need to REGISTER to access and use it. If you are already a member LOGIN here!

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