Children of Bodom Hellhounds On My Trail UK EP & Re-releases

From Alexi Laiho and The Children of Bodom "Hate Crew" web site.

9th of June is a big day for all British fans, as on that very day, Spinefarm Records UK is putting out Hellhounds On My Trail EP exclusively for the UK market. It's a 6 track CD EP featuring two covers, the brand new Hellhounds On My Trail video and three live cuts from the band's appearance in London Astoria earlier this year. The mind-blowing artwork, a commissioned illustration from Owen Richardson, will also grace the cover of the limited 12 inch picture vinyl which features a cover version of Alice Cooper's "Bed Of Nails" on the B side in addition to the title track.

Hellhounds On My Trail CD EP Complete track list

01. Hellhounds On My Trail (edit)
02. Bed Of Nails (Alice Cooper cover)
03. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (Kenny Rogers cover)
04. In Your Face (London Astoria, March 08)
05. Hate Me! (London Astoria, March 08)
06. Angels Don't Kill (London Astoria, March 08)
07. Hellhounds On My Trail video (uncensored)

Brand new re-issues of the first 3 COB albums with bonus tracks and the band's first live album Tokyo Warhearts - Live In Japan will be available in the UK also from June 9th.

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