GearHead; Boss Metal Distortion Pedal

Boss Metal Distortion Pedal

More often than not referred to a the MT-2 Metal zone distortion pedal-Boss’ website promises that this gear comes “equipped with a dual gain circuit, provides super long sustain to provide heavy mids and lows-like a stack of over driven amps. It also has a EQ, a wide range of distortion textures at your command.” Or in other words, this pedal is great for customizing tone and sound. The MT-2 has separate level and distortion knobs which accommodate to your personal sound. Boss has provided a world of heavy metal pedal paradise to the music industry since 1977.

Their introduction into the music world began with CE-1 chorus pedal-commonly noted at the “big gray box that started it all.“ The MT-2--a little metal miracle is battery powered with 9 volts of streaming electricity guaranteed to give the aspiring metal musician the distortion and overdrive that would make any metal head-maniac proud! Want to sound like your favorite 80’s hair band-loud and in your face or add a little of that old-school Metallica sound to your set...then this product is something well worth investing in.

  • Super high quality sound
  • Precision effect and EQ controls

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