Take a look at this check list of 13 things to think about for you're practice routine. It's a handy list that you can post in your practice room. Comment and share other things you do for your practice routine so other can add you're ideas to their list.

1. Set aside at least 20 minutes every day for practice.

2. Make sure you are not disturbed by noises other than the ones you create yourself.

3. Practice sitting down. It's more comfortable than standing and makes it easier to develop correct had positioning.

4. Physically Warm your hands if they are cold. Rub them together if need be.

5. Get comfy, rest the guitar on your thigh but make sure that the position you are in feels comfortable. This should be easy because every one or the Rock House DVDs has the instructor in the position you should be in. Here is a little tip you don't see in the Video, rest your foot on something that will elevate your leg, this helps get you into the correct position.

7. Be careful not to let the neck of the guitar point downward.

8. Watch that you are not to leaning over your guitar.

9.Flex your fingers to loosen your joints.

10. Check the tuning of your guitar and re-tune it if necessary. Never practice or play with an instrument that is out of tune. Use the online tuner or go get one from your local music shop.

10. Practice your fretting hand first, fingering chords and melodic lines.

11. Warm up by playing tunes that you are already familiar with.

12. Practice new material separately and stick with it for a while. Don't return to your old, familiar songs just because you are getting frustrated and impatient with the new ones.

13. Finish your practice session by playing music you already know, and polish your skills on it.


MJK (Mike) said...

Great tips...

Anonymous said...

I need tips for how to stop practicing!! ;)

In regards to warming up before playing, I highly recommend thoroughly washing your hands in very warm or hot water (as hot as you can stand) before you commence to jamming. The warm water helps to get the blood flowing in your hands, fingers, and wrists; you get a pre-warmup massage; and you'll double (at least) the life of your strings.

How To Practise said...

Thanks for the list - some good points. Nice to see someone taking practice seriously. IMO it is under taught in lessons.

The Old Man said...

13 tips I was in need of at this particular time I must say! Thanx Sarge, yet again, another article right on target...

Stormy Maverick said...

No matter how many times I've seen these tips (whether separately or together), I always feel I needed to see them again when I do. Great reminder.

Anonymous said...

Re: "How To Practise"

Playing guitar with moist hands is not good for your calluses. Maybe some heated gloves would be good :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure there's only 12

marvintech said...

I've been playing a little advanced now by following tips like yours but if they really need to learn more practice is the best way.