Practice Habits for Beginning Musicians

Practice Habits for Beginning Musicians

By Anthony Lawrence

So you've finally got that guitar that you had your eye on for so long. Now you’re ready to start sanding down the frets with your fingers. As a beginning Guitarist, it is crucial to practice consistently to progress, develop good technique and proper playing habits. So many young musicians have asked me questions such as “How often do I need to practice to get good?” There is only one answer to that question. The only way to improve is by putting in the time and effort. Guitar is just like going to the gym. If you only work out for an hour a day, you get one hour’s worth of results. That same philosophy applies to guitar playing. The more you practice the more you will build up muscle memory in your fingers. The best way to improve quickly and efficiently is to develop a solid routine that you follow religiously every time you pick up the guitar. A rough outline for a good routine will include exercises that utilize Alternate Picking, chords and switching between chords, as well as creating your own music.

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