Official resignation letter to "American Idol"

I'll have to admit one thing, in the seven season's that American Idol has been aired, I've never watched a season until this year. As of last night, my wife and I decided we were not going to watch the rest of this one.

When I started to watch it this season I had a bad feeling it would be this way. I felt it would be nothing more than a popularity contest. That's exactly what it turned out to be last night. America got it wrong, and they got it wring bad. The voting public dosen't really know a talented singer when it's thrown in front of them.

Carly Smithson was thrown if front of the popularity bus last night. The woman with an incredible vocal tallent was voted off. In my opinion she gave the best performance the night before. Belting out a stupendous rendition of "Jesus Christ Superstar" only to be dissed by the 38 million teeny bopper and the "oh, he's cute" voters.

It was just wrong.

2 performances were pretty much bombs. Brook White and Jason Castro, thier performances just plain stunk. One of them should have gone. I don't think either one of them could have pulled off the song that Smithson performed but I believe Smithson could have easily performed either of the songs they did.

There are really only 2 talents that are left. David Cook and Syesha Mercado. Maybe one of them will make it, maybe the theme park singing/slow song singing/forgetable kid David Archuleta will.

Whatever the turn out, I'm done, never again until there is a different format for the show. Which will be never, because it's all about promotion and money. Not what performer has a true tallent for singing.


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