Rock House Method Link of the Day - Doug Wimbish

Todays link of the day is Doug Wimbish, one of the busiest musicians in the business today. Doug is involved with so many bands and projects it's mind boggling. I thought it would be cool to list his diccograpghy here but when I looked at it on his site I was taken back at the projects he has had a hand in, the list is so long that it literally would have taken up the entire Rock House Blog page.

An excert from the Doug Wimbish web site says ........ In 20+ years as a professional musician, Doug Wimbish has been all over the musical map. Here for your perusal is a list of the incredible array of albums that he's created, played on and produced so far. From pioneering work with The Sugarhill Gang, to the ever-popular Living Colour, to legends like Madonna and The Rolling Stones; Wimbish truly defines the term 'Journeyman'. In fact, it just might be that there is no genre of popular music that Doug hasn't lent his creativity to. Come back often, as the list continues to grow at a dizzying rate.

Below is a list of some of Dougs web sites and projects. There are litterally dozens and dozens of articles on the web about Doug. You can find them if you google his name.

Doug Wimbish Official Site
Dougs Rock House Method Instructor/Artist Page
Doug Wimbish's personal myspace page
Head Fake Official Site
TACK>>HEAD Official Site
The Living Color Blog
Doug Wimbish Wikipedia

Check out Doug Wimbish and his instructional DVDs at The Rock House Method.

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