Rock House Link of the Day - Breck Alan

Today's link of the day features Rock House Instructor/Artist Breck Alan. Breck is a New York based musician, singer, songwriter, and teacher. He primarily plays guitar. He is said to have one theme that exists throughout all of his music and that is the "individual pursuit in all of us." Through his books, Breck pioneered the art of Body-Singing.

Breck has made 2 series of Vocal training DVDs with Rock House Method titled LEAD SINGER FROM POP to ROCK LEVEL and Vocal Techniques Heavy Rock. A reviewer of the DVD set says. "I liked this DVD a lot! anything from Breck and Rock House is top quality! This DVD is great not only because the lessons are cool, but he really takes his time talking about how you sing, the muscles you use and keeping it safe! I can't wait to start on level 2."

Breck Alan is another musician that has his hands in many projects. He's written books, composed musical scores for TV and Movies and teaches his singing techniques across the country.

You can hear him singing on his my space site and The Rock House Method You Tube Channel.

Brecks links today are:

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