Rock House Link of The Day - Rusty Cooley

The Link of the Day, Rusty Cooley. I thought it would be a great time to write about Rusty. He's signed with The Rock House Method the appear in a new series of instructional DVDs titled Fretboard Autopsy. Fretboard Autopsy which will focus on helping players visualize the fretboard in a whole new way. There are also plans for other projects that will be announced soon. Fretboard Autopsy will be a multi-level program designed for intermediate and advanced players. Production starts later this summer.

If you haven't surfed around the Rock House site yet and read about Rusty, then you've been missing the boat. As with most of the other instructor/artists he is one busy man and has his hands in a ton projects.

I think I'll just let the links about Rusty Cooley do the talking. I recommend starting with the news release on Rock House and the instructor/artist profile. Then, check out the links to Rusty Cooley's sites including the link to his band OUTWORLD.

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