Nine Inch Nails and other Major Bands Beginning to Bypass Record Labels

Many major recording artisits are stating to bypass record labels and turning to the web to distribute their music.

Nine Inch Nails, is the latest major artist to bypass major record labels and distribute their music over the Web. They are offering a portion of their new album for free.

Trent Reznor's new business model is reflected in the band's latest album, Ghosts I-IV. The collection of 36 tracks went on sale Sunday on the band's Web site. Options include the free download of the first nine tracks in "high-quality" MP3 format that has no copyright protection technology. For $5, a buyer can download the whole album, along with a 40-page PDF file of related content. Starting April 8, the band will offer to ship a two-CD set with a 16-page booklet for $10.

Major bands with their own loyal followings are beginning to bypass record labels in music distribution. In October, the British band Radiohead offered its latest album, In Rainbows, as a digital download with no fixed price or copy protection. Fans could pay whatever they wanted.

Potions of the story were take from Information Week their story can be read here.

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