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Hagarfreak33.....no wait it's the artist formally known as hagarfreak33 Ken Sacco....ummm no hold on he's hagarfreak33 again. At any rate whatever name you know Ken by one thing is for certain, he has fun doing what ever it is that he is doing. Ken is the jokester of the Rock House Forums.

Fun at Rock House is not what Ken is all about. Making life fun for his family is one of Ken's main priorities. Music is a family past time for the Sacco's. Ken, his wife and their kids spend family time making music. All of them play instruments and all of them sing. They have recorded over a dozen songs together, there are links at the bottom of this post that will take you to their sound click pages.

Ken is co-owner of Band Essentials. Band Essentials is a graphic design company that can make custom graphics for your strat, give you a better myspace.com page or a complete CD album package.

Another subject that Ken holds dear to his heart is Autism. Ken's wife is the Connecticut rep. for the organization, Unlocking Autism. They have first hand experience with Autism and do everything they can to help promote and raise funds for biomedical research, behavioral research, and projects.

Hagars Rock House Member of the Month Page
Band Essentials
Sound Click Artist - Sacco
Sound Click Artist - Christian
Guitar Noise - one of hagars music interest sites
Unlocking Autism

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