The 90' Lyrics Quiz

The test site states, Warning to Fans of the 80's Quiz . The 90's were complicated. We replaced the bubble-gum catchy tunes like "Mickey" and "Venus" with gods of mumbling angst - Vedder, Cobain - shouting anger - Reznor, Manson - or rapid fire dissonance - Kiedis, Corgan- and that was just the main stream radio hits! Pop continued on, but lyrics overall became much more complex.

Try your hand at how well you know your 90's music lyrics. There's also a link to an 80's lyric quiz also. Post your scores if you dare!

Click the link -----> HERE to take the quiz.

If you want to learn to play some 80's and 90's music check out the tab section at Rock House.

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sarge1875 said...

64.75% on the 80's, lol...22.5% on the 90's