10 Things to Remember When Learning Guitar Chords: Part 1

Part 1, Don't Throw in The Towel To Soon!. Like anything you set out to learn from step one, you will at first have frustrating moments and feel like giving up. THIS GOES FOR EVERY ONE, Even Eddie Van Halen started somewhere. Guitar Chords are no exception. You have to stay with it and work your way up. This is especially true when you hit the critical stage when you've almost got it. You know how to make the shape of the chord, and sometimes even strum it cleanly but you get frustrated when you’ve been practising for the past 7 days but haven’t seen any more improvement. THAT IS THE WORST TIME TO PACK-It-In in because you’re so close, just keep going, keep reading and keep practising, don’t give up.

Trust that you are in the company of every person who every set out to play a musical instrument!
Part 2 coming soon

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