Mark Daniels of The Limit - New CD

The Following is from Rock House Method instructor/artist Mark Daniels and The Limit .

So, the CD is done, we are in press and radio and I feel we collectively (Mark, Bob and Todd) have arrived at a very cool place. It’s been difficult to get to but we are here. In the advent of our CT CD Release show I can honesty say we found “something,” and are the undisputed owners of it. Dec 22nd was one of the best concerts I feel we as a band played. For over the past year, while finishing the CD, we have been practicing non-stop to develop this sound that has become THE LIMIT.

I am proud of my band for being different than what is out there and am very excited to get all this energy out to you.
We are reviewing tour plans now, happy to say some good things have been coming across our desks. We are and will take the time to make the next tour/series of tours special. I can’t wait to see you all whether in Europe, across the USA or at home in CT.

I hope you are ready, I know we are!
Mark Daniel

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