NAMM 2011 - Planet Waves Releases Beatles Woven Guitar Straps

Planet Waves is thrilled to announce the release of the new Beatles Woven Guitar Straps. The new retro, nostalgic and vegan-friendly high resolution, four-color designs present historical Beatles artwork to celebrate the music and artistry of the ever-influential band.

Arguably the most popular musical group to have ever existed, the Beatles continue to exist as an everlasting rock and roll icon. Planet Waves is proud to honor the Beatles’ legacy with a collection of new woven guitar straps. In addition to the existing collection of Planet Waves’ Beatles straps, six new designs featuring iconic album themes and timeless images that capture the enduring spirit and essence of the “Fab Four.”

Inspired by the legendary album artwork, the following strap designs will be available:

• The Beatles Classic – A white, woven strap featuring the classic logo from their Meet the Beatles album
• Beatlemania – A black, woven strap featuring various Beatles logos, all depicting the band’s moniker
• Yellow Submarine – A yellow, woven strap featuring a psychedelic collage of the celebrated Yellow  Submarine cartoon artwork
• Sea of Holes – A white, woven strap with the cartoon versions of John, Paul, George and Ringo from the  Yellow Submarine film
• White Album – Your favorite A Hard Day’s Night headshots of John, Paul, George and Ringo are shown on this black, woven strap
• Revolution – A black, woven strap with red font depicting the word Revolution

“The Beatles are simply legendary and one of the main reasons why popular music has become what it is today,” says Planet Waves Manager of Product Management, Brian Vance. “These new woven straps are a commemorative salute to the true forefathers of rock and roll.”

Planet Waves’ Beatles Woven Guitar Straps will be available February 1, 2011 and will retail for $39.99 each.

For more information on Planet Waves and its products, please visit www.planetwaves.com.

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