NAMM 2011 - Planet Waves Introduces Acoustic Quick Release and Planet Lock Straps

Planet Waves is proud to announce the newest additions to its strap collection with the Acoustic Quick Release Strap and additional Planet Lock Straps.

The Acoustic Quick Release patented technology is designed specifically for acoustic guitars and has a built-in, easily detachable, quick-release cord for the headstock. The Planet Lock patented design fits on any guitar and stays locked in place until the side pin is released. The Planet Lock Straps will fit on the guitar’s already existing end pins so there is no need to purchase new pins to fit the strap.

Planet Waves now offers 13 models with Acoustic Quick Release and 38 models with the Planet Lock, including ultra-soft tubular nylon and affordable yet reliable polypropylene.

“The Acoustic Quick Release and Planet Lock straps provide a sense of durability and security that no other straps offer,” says Planet Waves Manager of Product Management, Brian Vance. “Once you lock the guitar strap on to the end pins, all you have to worry about is the next song on the set list!”

The Planet Waves Acoustic Quick Release Guitar Strap and Planet Lock straps will be available February 1, 2011 and will retail for $9.99 - $32.99.

For more information on Planet Waves products, visit www.planetwaves.com.

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