The Weekend Read for May 22nd - Guitar Articles, Lessons and More

The weekend read for May 22nd is a good list of guitar related articles on guitar lessons, gear reviews and news that I found from our blog roll. Be sure to check out the Rock House Lesson for this week Guitar Lesson - Intro to Tapping

Fretbase - Today, Gibson announced that it is launching the Arlen Roth degree program. This program builds on the Arlen Roth guitar lessons that Gibson has been making available on its website for the past year and a half...Gibson Guitar Uses YouTube to Launch Arlen Roth Degree Program

Guitarkadia - Thought I’d give this new series a try. A weekly gallery of 12 photos/gallery with photos taken by Flickr users of their guitar, or guitars, or things that resemble guitars...Weekly Gallery of Guitar Pics on Flickr

i heart guitar - Soulfly’s new album, Omen, is heavy, intense, brutal, energetic and powerful. There’s a punkish energy tempered by the kind of thrashy precision Max Cavalera has long been known for, and there’s little of the tribal edge that defined his final album with Sepultura, Roots, and which has occasionally shown its head in Soulfly’s works too. I spoke with Max a couple of weeks before Omen’s release...INTERVIEW: Soulfly’s Max Cavalera

Mark McGuigan Musicians Blog - This lesson is split into two parts. In the first half we are learning a "Blues Box" scale for you to solo in around the 12th fret. Its not really a regular blues scale but it works a little better with the slide...Slide Guitar Lesson #2 - Open D Tuning Blues Box and Rhythm Guitar

Not Playing Guitar - This easy beginner lesson shows you how to play Hush Little Baby with only two guitar chords. Hush Little Baby is a traditional lullaby in question and answer format. It is thought to have its origins in America because Mockingbirds are found on the American continent but its author and date are not known...Two-Chord Song Lesson - Hush Little Baby

Strat-O-Blogster - Adding a small IC socket in place of the tone cap to easily facilitate switching caps when testing various ones to find the best capacitor for your tone...Finding Which Guitar Tone Capacitors Work for You!

The Classical Guitar Blog - The Classical Guitar Blog represents my past two years in grad school pretty well. I started it during my first semester. As I learned things or had thoughts about music, they made it onto the blog. Here’s some of the stuff that stands out to me as the most valuable...28 Things I learned in Grad School

Tone Freq - After years of hearing customers complain that most Wah and volume pedals (including ours) take up too much real estate on a pedal board, Morley designed these two new Mini pedals at just 6.75” in length, 4.5” wide and only 2.75” in height...Tone Freq's Daily Pedal: Morley's Mini Volume and Mini Wah

The Punch-in - A long and mighty history, owing itself to a lineage of equally mighty individuals, has brought the Electric Guitar out of the treetops of imagination and into the walking flesh of our lives. The Electric Guitar has survived and thrived through ongoing periods of natural selection, hybridism and fruitful bouts of geographical distribution; creating what we have today; seen as the pinnacle of modern technologies...The Evolution of the Electric Guitar

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