Guitar Lesson - Intro to Tapping


In this lesson I am going to show you how to perform bi-dextral hammer-ons and pull-offs, this technique is commonly known as tapping. Tapping is essentially just performing hammer-ons and pull-offs with the left and right hands at the same time. The biggest question I get from my guitar students is; “How do I know what notes to tap?” The answer is simple; the notes of the scale you are using. For example, if you are going to create a solo in the key of A minor, the A minor Pentatonic scale would be a great choice.

To begin let us look at two forms of the A minor Pentatonic scale.

First Position minor Pentatonic Scale

Second Position minor Pentatonic Scale

Putting it All Together
Now combine these two scale form and make a three-note per string scale pattern that is useful applicable tapping. The white notes are going to be our “tapped” notes. The Black notes are the first position A minor pentatonic scale form.

The technique of tapping is simple. Hold down the fifth fret of the sixth string (fattest string) with your first finger of your left hand. Now, take the first finger of your right hand and hammer down the tenth fret of the sixth string sounding the tenth fret. Now remove your first finger off of the tenth fret almost in a downward brushing motion this will make the fifth fret you are holding down ring. Now, while the fifth fret is ringing, with the pinky of your left hand hammer down the eighth fret of the sixth string sounding the eighth fret. That’s it!! The example I just mentioned is the first three notes of the exercise.

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