Try The New Rock House on Demand and Save $10

As many of you know Rock HouseMethod launched a new service called ROCK HOUSE ON DEMAND. Executive Director of Rock House, Joe Palumbo announced that he wants to give every one an opportunity to experience this exciting new venture for Rock House.

Right now you can save $10 off the purchase of any Rock House product by using this code ROCK10OFF. We will also throw in an additional $5 coupon code for another purchase of a product from ROCK HOUSE ON DEMAND. The second savings coupon code will be included on your receipt after you make your purchase using the ROCK10OFF coupon code. You can share this code with all your friends who play, so go ahead and pass the ROCK10OFF coupon code around.

Rock House On Demand is a safe and secure way to download full length programs and lessons directly to your hard drive using an amazing new media system called MOD MACHINE.

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