Song Writing and Making a Good First Impression

When writing a song you want to keep in mind that you need to catch your audience’s  attention quickly. Often your first line is the most important line in the song. If they turn you off, you don’t get a chance to hit them with that “zinger” line you’re happy about in the second verse. 

Just like in life  the cliché that we need too make a good first impression on people. The same theory should apply to your songs. This is your “first impression” part of your song. You have to give the listener a good first impression. Catch them right off the bat and let their ears perk up by “drawing the listener” into your song. 

Use that first line to ask a question, make a statement, etc. in a way that makes them want to hear more. Imagine it as if you had a crowd of people and you need to get their attention. Say something right off that will do it, and make them interested in finding out what is coming next. Imagine some guy trying to meet a girl and he says, “What’s a nice girl like you…” Cliché, unimaginative, boring lines will get you nowhere.

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