The Weekend Read for April 23rd -

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Double Bass Blog - I think that the best way to start looking at this is to flip it over and look at it from the other side. What do we need to have in order to succeed as a professional musician...PBDB: The Toughest Question, Part 2

Fretbase - We’ve had a chance to test drive the new Guitar Pro 6 and we’ve found it to be an impressive upgrade from the previous versions. It’s a great way to compose scores and learn new music from the plethora of online resources that provide free Guitar Pro tracks...Review: Guitar Pro 6 Tablature Software

Guitar Licks - Stony Plain Records released a Jeff Healey’s ” Last Call” Jazz CD on April 6 in U.S...Jeff Healey’s Last Call Jazz CD

Guitar Noize - One of the most important parts of understanding how to express yourself with music is to be able to analyze specific musical elements in order to find out how they affect the listener. The more you know about specific ways to create an idea, the more clear of an idea you can make when you write a song...Songwriting Practice: Analyzing Music by Ysrafel

Guitar Teacher - In Blues Guitar Soloing there is one chord change that makes up much of what you will play. This is the I-IV change (said ‘one-four’ change). Isolating and practicing over this progression will take your blues soloing to another level. This progression is actually the foundation of many rock and funk songs so you guys might want to tune in, as well...Blues Guitar Soloing – Backing Track for the I-IV Change

Guitarkadia - A wonderful segment from last year’s World Science Festival by the great Bobby McFerrin on the power of the Pentatonic scale...You Know Your Notes. Whoever You Are.

I Heart Guitar - Pickbay is a pick-shaped pendant which proudly displays the guitar pick of your choice, along a few more depending on the gauge you use. It serves a dual purpose of cool fashion accessory for guitarists as well as a handy way of ensuring you’re never without a pick within easy reach...REVIEW: Pickbay

Jemsite - When I was younger and first heard about 'modes,’ the concept seemed very confusing to me.  As I learned more about them though, I realized that the modes were not as complicated as they first seemed to be...An Intro to Modes

Mark McGuigan Musicians Blog - This is the first of a multi-part lesson on playing rhythm guitar in the style of Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Mayfield...Hendrix Style Melodic Rhythm Guitar 1

Not Playing Guitar - Yes, in these modern times those of us who learn guitar have many things to be thankful for, things that make it easier to learn. Here's my list of seven great things that make it a great time for us to learn guitar...Learn Guitar - 7 Reasons to be Thankful

Rock Guitar Life - Musicnotationformsword.com has just released software that allows you to notate your music right in Microsoft Word.  You can embed, edit ,and publish music notation right there Word...Music Notation for Microsoft Word

The Classical Guitar Blog - When you re-encounter your instrument after some time away — anything from taking a short break to a week off — you will often find that you’ve improved. This is partly because you have let your mind digest what you’ve put in earlier...Take a Break to Improve

The Guitar Buzz - OK… so I don’t have scientific proof…or an inside scoop…but I have been wondering for some time why Gibson has been releasing all of these artist-played, custom-shop-relic’d, ultra-expensive signature guitars...Why Gibson is Selling $25,000 Guitars!

The Philosopher Of The Future - For the majority of us, the key to developing our technique and overall quality of our playing is to find a delicate balance between tension and relaxation...The Secret to Playing Guitar Relaxed

The Punch in - It doesn’t matter whether you have a $20,000 recording rig or the free version of GarageBand that came with your laptop: You need a comfortable, efficient setup in order to get ideas out of your head and onto a hard drive. Here are 7 fundamentals for planning and managing a recording setup that will free you up to think more about the music than the gear...7 Basics of a Home Recording Setup

Skolnotes - Question: What happens when you combine the Icelandic volcano with a European jazz tour and a heavy metal festival in the Philippines? Answer: A guitarist who has circumnavigated the globe....Volcano Blues

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Nova X said...

You do some pretty sick stuff there dude! I ran across a site from Yamaha, that happened to have artists of your style! You should check out their page sometime as it gets update very frequently with new artist info.


Emon said...

Thanks for the link!

Sarge said...

@ Emon - Good post so thank you too.