Rob Balducci's "Lick of The Week" - Rehearsal at Home

This week Rob Balducci is playing a song from The Color Of Light CD titled Empress.

Rob says "What I usually do before a set of tour dates is not only rehearse with my band live, I make a cd of the track listing for the set list and practice at home to the backing tracks. I find that running through the set as much as possible helps work out the kinks and it gets me feeling comfortable with the material. Also depending on the length of the set, it will get my duration together for being able to play the set on a regular basis."

"I suggest you always record yourself when you practice by yourself and with the band. You can go back and watch it later to see how you sound and also see which parts you may be having issues with. I love this zoom q3, it is a perfect practice tool!"

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